2ply Executive Interleaved

36 Packs X 250 Sheets

2Ply Interleaved Tissue
Executive Toilet Paper
Soft & Gentle

Product Specification
High Quality 2ply Soft & Gentle Interleaved Toilet Tissue @ Executive Quality Level – Value Plus

Code EXC-2250
No of Sheets 250 Sheets Per Packet
Quality 2ply Executive Level Virgin Pulp
Packaging Individually Wrapped
Carton Quantity 36 Packs X 250 sheets per pack in a Carton
Sheets Size 10cm X 11cm Average
Pallet 60 Cartons

Ideal for use in offices, clubs, hotels, restaurants and all businesses offering executive quality, softness, presentation and
value. An Executive quality interleaved solution equal or better than most in the market

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